Hammer Union

Hamm’s Hammer Unions are manufactured from steal forging using materials appropriate to specific pressure ratings.

Hammer Unions available with a choice of end connections: API line pipe threads are standard and butt weld ends can be provided. ** Customer to specify schedule of pipe while ordering **.

Sour service is available and all H2S service parts of Hamm’s Unions conform to the latest NACE specifications.

All Hamm’s Hammer Union components of the same size and figure number are Weco interchangeable.

All Hamm’s Union nuts have three hammer lugs.

Hamm’s Hammer Unions for low-pressure services (Fig 100 – Fig 200) feature a primary metal-to-metal seal.

This metal-to-metal seal remains leak-proof even when one surface is slightly pitted or misaligned.

>Hamm’s Hammer Unions for medium-pressure services (Fig 400 – Fig 600) designs supplement the metal-to-metal seal with a resilient O-ring in the male sub. The replaceable O-ring extends union life and protects the metal-metal seal against corrosion.