- Buna
- Buna/Brass
- Viton
- Viton/Stainless
- Teflon

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Re-Certification Services Available!

*Mobile Re-Certification Teams on Standby For Customer Convenience!

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- 2″ inch
- 3″ inch
- 4″ inch

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Our vision at Hamm’s Oilfield Goods & Services, LLC. is to assist all types of customers in the oil and gas industry Improve Their Profitability by dramatically improving product performance, being mindful of service at all times, and Representing Christ in all that we do!

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Maintaining a Massive Parts Inventory for our customer’s convenience!

We actively warehouse massive inventories of high quality parts such as Union Seals (Buna/Buna-Brass/Viton/Viton-Stainless/Teflon), O-Rings (Standard/Non-Standard), Plug Valve Rebuild Kits (Soft/Complete), Gauges, Stems, Seats, Valves, D-Rings, Suction Rings, Swivel Repair Kits (2″ 3″ 4″ ALL BRANDS), Flow Line Equipment, Grease, Hammers, Grinding Wheels, Sandblasting/Painting, Pack-off Rubber/Oil Saver, Shaker Screen Wedges, Non-Extrusion Rings, Custom Manifolds, Wiper Rings, Rope Packing, Certification, Frac Packing, Bladders, High Pressure Cap Seals, Mobile Recertification Services, and much more….. WE ARE IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR BUSINESS! “One Call Does It All”. T (903) 707-2199 | 1 (800) 947-6720

Mobile Re-certification Service
Accurate & timely re-certification you can count on!

Our mobile re-certification service offers Valve and Flow Line maintenance, repairs, UT, and hydrostatic testing on-site at the your location. Allowing your dollars invested in iron to get back into productivity quickly and flexibly with our mobile re-certification service. Our mobile units deploy from our main office location and take great pride in having your iron re-certification done correctly and on time!

All customer equipment will be properly assessed, rebuilt, and recertified for continued service in the field. Any equipment that fails the assessment process for rebuild will be documented, and segregated for customer’s disposition. Our skilled mobile teams manage the re-certification operation from start to finish, rebuilding and re-certifying frac iron, such as plug valves, pup joints, swivel joints, check valves, and relief valves. Having our team continually manage your equipment’s re-certification is exactly how we are able to sharply increase the life of the equipment, maximizing the customers return on their initial investment.

Mobile Re-certification

In addition, our team provides periodic managed inspections and refurbishment of flow & manifold iron. Our experienced re-certification team is here for you anywhere, anytime, with accurate & timely re-certification you can count on! Contact us with your specific needs, and experience our quality service for all your future re-certification needs!